We are most likely not alone

“I can’t answer for the US government ma’am, but my own personal opinion is there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone.”

Lue Elizondo said on CNN in December 2017 that he ran the secret program AATIP looking into unidentified phenomena for five years.

He resigned from his pension because the information was not being briefed to the country’s leaders. The gatekeepers would not let him brief the Secretary of Defense.

I remember seeing that statement on TV at the time and thinking it was very interesting but didn’t actually change anything in my daily life.

Monumental moment

But now looking back it was a monumental moment. The evidence of encounters keeps growing. What was once a taboo topic is now a trending topic.

The Nimitz incident in 2004 was a treasure trove of information and corroborated by multiple credible witnesses. From all accounts, the craft wanted nothing to do with the sailors. Whenever the pilots tried to close on the objects they seemed to just leave and disappear.

It is a worldwide phenomenon at this point and offers a great opportunity for humanity to reflect on the stupidity we inflict on one another in the name of nation or team. There is enough evidence at this point to get all of humanity to wake up and collaborate for the good of all humans. The galactic ecosystem is much, much larger than we can imagine.

The universe is much larger than we can imagine. Consider dark energy and dark matter. Both combined make up 95% of the observable universe.

Our scientists admit to not knowing what that energy is. We still are just at the forefront of understanding the nature of matter and the universe. Personally, I think the information age is just beginning and these UAP incidents may be hints of what is to come.

How exciting would it be to confirm we are not alone in the galaxy?

Maybe we would then realize we are more similar to each other than we are different. There would be no legitimate reason to kill or harm one another.

Human behaviour

We have the technology and the knowledge to provide enough energy and resources to provide for all humans and take care of the planet and other species. The biggest impediment to this is classic narcissistic human behaviour based on evolutionarily useful emotions of greed, fear, and jealousy.

At any rate, I have personally investigated enough to say I believe we are most likely not alone. There are other forms of life and they appear to be here or at least able to interact in some way. The incidents will only increase as our technology and focus on the topic increases.

Will we be mature enough to be accepted? I doubt it.

Imagine, as soon as we mastered the atomic bomb we used it. That is some kind of lunacy. You may pardon any extraterrestrial life from gladly handing over their anti-matter propulsion system. Based on past paradigm shifts, it will take decades before humanity as a whole seriously considers the evidence but you can follow along with the hunt for the truth on my YouTube Channel “Chris Lehto”

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