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CryptoUAPeez and Sky360 Initiative: A Decentralized Approach to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Investigation

I. Introduction

UAP Society, a pioneering Web 3 company, is propelling the world’s transition toward a deeper understanding of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), utilizing disruptive blockchain-based initiatives. Our projects integrate decentralized technology with the study and exploration of UAP, which has remained largely stagnant due to traditional investigative constraints.

II. Alien Dreams Genesis Collection: The Launchpad

The society’s first milestone is the Alien Dreams Genesis Collection, a unique NFT assembly comprised of 1,042 digital collectibles minted on the Ethereum blockchain via the ERC-721 token standard. This collection fuels the advancement of our UAP investigation efforts, particularly funding the deployment of UAP detectors on terrestrial and extraterrestrial locations.

III. Value Proposition for NFT Holders

Our NFT holders receive two-fold value. Firstly, they gain access to an exclusive community, special Discord privileges, and sponsorship event discounts, including a 70% discount on the NonFungible Conference in Lisbon on June 7. Each holder will also receive an airdropped CryptoUAPeez, a token that enables participation in an interactive adventure within the CryptoUAPeez universe powered by ChatGPT4. Secondly, the holders contribute to a decentralized science initiative aimed at UAP investigation, supporting open-source partners and producers committed to truth and transparency.

IV. Alien Dreams Genesis: An Interplay of Art and AI

The Alien Dreams Genesis Collection is a fusion of human creativity and AI. Each digital collectible, one-of-a-kind and immutable, was launched into the stratosphere in a “surveillance” balloon. The artist, SeaStone, employed AI to breathe life into each piece, choosing only 1,042 images from nearly 19,000 iterations. The ownership of each piece guarantees an airdrop from the following collection, CryptoUAPeez.

V. CryptoUAPeez: An Evolution of Digital Collectibles

Developed by Chris Lehto, SeaStone, Alex Zorkin, and ChatGPT, CryptoUAPeez represents a novel tier of digital collectibles. This universe merges elements from Cryptopunks, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Marvel, and Star Wars, featuring characters with distinct species, scales, and polarities. This collection immerses the holders in a narrative that explores the balance between virtue and entropy.

Second Generation Product

The CryptoUAPeez Collection

The CryptoUAPeez Collection is an innovative collection of 2,042 ERC 721 tokens, each uniquely representing a digital being. These beings, known as CryptoUAPeez, are digitally incarnated from the supra consciousness, a higher state of consciousness. This collection is characterized by a diverse range of features and themes, all designed to captivate the user’s experience and create a rich narrative.

The CryptoUAPeez Collection is preparing for its exciting initial launch, Chapter 1, with plans to deploy in notable hotspots like Hessdalen, Norway, renowned for the mysterious Hessdalen lights.

UAPeez Battle for Balance Story Format

The CryptoUAPeez universe is a bustling hub of intergalactic and interdimensional activity, populated by diverse species like humans, aliens, alien apes, alien dogs, and zombies. Despite the vast diversity, tensions are often high between the three main factions, the “Polarities,” each with distinct ideologies and objectives.

The “Entropics,” led by psychopathic zombies, aim for universal heat death, using chaos and deceit to fulfill their sinister agenda. The “Virtuous” stands as the force of good, using their vast numbers to fight against evil and control entropy. The third group, the “Enlightened,” follow a balanced approach, understanding the necessity for harmony between good and evil, thereby maintaining equilibrium among all groups.

The CryptoUAPeez

The Chapter 1 launch will consist of 2,042 CryptoUAPeez, digitally incarnated beings from the supra consciousness, and an uncertain number of unique “singularities,” non-incarnated digital avatars of beings outside our universe. Each being is randomly incarnated through a generative art process onto the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-721 token.

Every CryptoUAPeez is digitally incarnated with three unique attributes: Species, Fractal Scale, and Polarity. These attributes determine the rarity and specific traits of each digital being.


The species attribute includes six possible categories:

– Humans: Considered the rarest and most primitive.
– Apes: Primitive but peaceful.
– Dogs & Alien dogs: Well-regarded species in the galaxy, with alien dogs adapted for space travel.
– Aliens: The most common species, known for their artistic tendencies and slight superiority complex.
– Quantum Droids: Technological entities with a superior attitude and a unique perspective due to their presence in other dimensions.

Fractal Scale

The Fractal Scale attribute refers to the density of vibration or the size of the incarnated beings. The scale ranges from Quantums, adept at quantum physics and nanotechnology, to Cosmics, characters identifying with the entire universe. Also included are Singularities, scarce characters capable of inter-universe travel.


The Polarity attribute reflects a being’s alignment with the Entropics, Virtuous, or the Enlightened. This attribute defines the being’s karma. The range for each group is as follows:

– Entropics: 0.0 – 0.21
– Normal 0.22-0.57
– Enlightened: 0.58 – 0.79
– Virtuous: Above 0.79

The collection numbers for the Chapter 1 release:
Humans: 33% of 2,042 ≈ 680 NFTs
Aliens: 33% of 2,042 ≈ 680 NFTs
Apes: 33% of 2,042 ≈ 680 NFTs
Entropic zombies:

Entropic Human Zombies: 21.42% of 680 ≈ 145 NFTs
Entropic Alien Zombies: 21.42% of 680 ≈ 145 NFTs
Entropic Ape Zombies: 21.42% of 680 ≈ 145 NFTs
Virtuous and Enlightened subcategories:

Congress of 42: 42 NFTs
Enlightened Humans: 42 NFTs
Enlightened Aliens: 42 NFTs
Enlightened Apes: 42 NFTs

This distribution maintains the balance for the first collection of 2,042 NFTs. When planning future releases, you can incorporate the 3 additional singularities into the distribution, ensuring their rarity and unique position within the CryptoUAPeez universe.

This captivating CryptoUAPeez universe is ready to launch, offering its audience a groundbreaking digital collection experience.

VI. Sky360 Project: A Grassroots Approach to UAP Investigation

Sky360 is a citizen science initiative UAP Society 42 Holder Richard Hopf led. It’s an open-source AI hardware/software system designed for UAP detection, developed by a committed team of over 20. The project is set to deploy its systems near the Mount Wilson Ranch, a reported hotspot of paranormal activity near Area 51.

VII. Conclusion

The UAP Society is taking a novel approach to UAP investigation by integrating blockchain technology, digital art, and scientific exploration. With the Alien Dreams Genesis Collection and the upcoming CryptoUAPeez Collection, we’re fostering a community that contributes to UAP investigation and enjoys our universe’s immersive experiences. Our partnership with Sky360, Hessdalen Research groups, and Mount Wilson Ranch is poised to accelerate our understanding of UAP through decentralized technology.

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