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The DeSci NFT funded UAP research revolution enters Phase 2!

Mint Crypto UAPeez 8 June, 23 17:35 (GMT+1)

Phase 2 NFT Collection Backstory

Battle for Balance

Chapter One: The Incarnation

Welcome to the first chapter of the CryptoUAPeez saga, a riveting journey that introduces us to the initial 2,042 digital beings from the supra consciousness. Through the magical marriage of technology and art, these beings are minted into existence as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, each one carrying its own unique identity and place in the cosmos.

Phase 2 NFT Collection

Crypto UAPeez

Generative NFTs based on Cryptopunks on the Ethereum Blockchain will fund Sky360 UAP tracking systems and UAPeez Chat Game

As a CryptoPunk NFT owner, our leader, Chris wanted to pay homage to the classic collection. Shown here are a few of the attributes, minus the base layers, that are used to generate Crypto UAPeez. They are modeled after CryptoPunks sure, but also have many of their own new and unique attributes — and in some ways flip the entire script. 

Discover the CryptoUAPeez Universe

Welcome to the CryptoUAPeez universe, a ground-breaking collection of unique ERC-721 tokens, each encapsulating a digtially incarnated being from the supra consciousness.

In this vibrant universe, intergalactic and interdimensional species co-exist, from the humble humans and peaceful apes to the superior aliens and dimensional droids. At the core of their existence is the perpetual Battle for Balance, a saga of the Polarity factions – the entropy-loving Entropics, the harmony-seeking Enlightened, and the Virtuous, champions of order. 

Each CryptoUAPeez is born with distinct attributes that determine its Species, Fractal Scale, and Polarity, making every being unique. 

Dive into the intriguing dynamics of the digital ecosystem and uncover the tale of these extraordinary beings.

Join us for Chapter 1 launch, and embark on a journey across the cosmos. Brace yourself for an exciting adventure filled with mystery, conflict, and balance. Enter the CryptoUAPeez universe, and be a part of the story that transcends our reality. Welcome to the future of digital collectibles. 



Phase 2 Science

Sky360 Systems

“If Aliens are real, where are all the HD videos?” 

No one is looking, except for the government supposedly, but they won’t share despite us picking up the tab!

For this reason, we have partnered with Sky 360 Leader Richard Hopf to bring open-source citizen science to the masses. is a non-profit Citizen Science program based out of Vienna, Austria. The basic premise of the program is the Sky360 HUB will search the sky using an AI-directed AllSky camera, and it will cue the attached point to zoom (PTZ) camera when it detects something interesting. The PTZ will get the HD videos we all want to see and learn from.

The design and software will be open-source and available on the internet through Amazon Global. Interested people need to buy the parts, load the software and maintain the hardware.

Volunteers on Discord give out the design list, open-source software, and general support.

The goal of Sky360 is to have 150,000 hubs searching the skies 24 hours a day around the world.

Phase 2 of our project aims to finish the design and get as many Sky360 systems operational as quickly as possible.

Launching our NFT collection is only the first step in Lehto Files’ quest to fund, build and place UAP monitoring technology worldwide. Similar projects often fail in the sustainment phase.

Many people take single photos or videos, and their assets become lost in the noise of the internet. NFT funding will provide a sustained investment strategy in blockchain-partnered tokens and projects and environmentally responsible mining operations to continue to fund the project well after the NFTs have been minted and sold.