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2 Dual-Image Animated
Human Mechs


25 Animated
Alien Extincts


Alien Dreams

Phase 1 DeSci

Alien Dreams Funds 2 Space Balloons

The Alien Dreams Collection is phase 1 of our 3-phase plan to use decentralized NFT-blockchain technology to build a strong and vibrant community dedicated to finding the truth about UAPs and the as yet undiscovered nature of the universe. 

Alien Dreams Space Balloons

The science goal is to test Sky360 FLIR cameras and record balloons at different altitudes and angles. Many people claim the UAPs are weather balloons, and we will test the theory by gathering data. We will set up the Sky360 camera system to also take pictures of the top 2 Alien Dreams NFTs while they are in space attached to the space balloons.

  • Two space balloons will climb past 120,000 feet into space — and explode.
  • Balloons will carry as much scientific equipment as applicable (ideally a Sky360 all-sky camera design and optical cameras).
  • Scientific equipment and data will parachute to the ground for recovery and reuse.
  • NFTs will be selected by the wallet owners of the top 2 holding Alien Dreams NFT wallets (not including Lehto Files company holdings).

Phase 2 DeSci

100 Sky360 Systems

“If Aliens are real, where are all the HD videos?” 

No one is looking, except for the government supposedly, but they won’t share despite us picking up the tab!

For this reason, we have partnered with Sky 360 Leader Richard Hopf to bring open-source citizen science to the masses. is a non-profit Citizen Science program based out of Vienna, Austria. The basic premise of the program is the Sky360 HUB will search the sky using an AI-directed AllSky camera, and it will cue the attached point to zoom (PTZ) camera when it detects something interesting. The PTZ will get the HD videos we all want to see and learn from.

The design and software will be open-source and available on the internet through Amazon Global. Interested people need to buy the parts, load the software and maintain the hardware.

Volunteers on Discord give out the design list, open-source software, and general support.

The goal of Sky360 is to have 150,000 hubs searching the skies 24 hours a day around the world.

Phase 2 of our project aims to finish the design and get as many Sky360 systems operational as quickly as possible.

Launching our NFT collection is only the first step in Lehto Files’ quest to fund, build and place UAP monitoring technology worldwide. Similar projects often fail in the sustainment phase.

Many people take single photos or videos, and their assets become lost in the noise of the internet. NFT funding will provide a sustained investment strategy in blockchain-partnered tokens and projects and environmentally responsible mining operations to continue to fund the project well after the NFTs have been minted and sold.

Phase 3 DeSci

Let's go to space!

Phase 3 aims to bring the Sky360 system into Low Earth Orbit, along with the CryptoUAPeez 3D NFTs. The  Sky360 systems are designed to resolve the International Space Station as it passes overhead. Our plan is to simply reverse this situation and put one or more modified Sky360 systems on a microsatellite in 2nd qtr 2023.

FLIR cameras on microsatellites would be similar to the zoom camera you see on the international space station feeds only we will be actively searching for evidence of extraterrestrial life entering our planet’s atmosphere.

Sky360 systems will search from below and we will complement them with space operations from above. Again ALL DATA will be OPEN SOURCE.

By using blockchain technology we hope to make this process as automatic and secure as possible. Sky360 systems are designed to resolve and identify the ISS so we will reverse the perspective. Imagine funding the project that captured definitive proof of extraterrestrial life. Imagine the other science we haven’t even considered because we think we know everything already?

Space operations on micro satellites offer brand new opportunities in laser experiments. Bull case NFT sales will allow for multiple satellite experiments using lasers, NFTs, and who knows what else? The still completely misunderstood vacuum of space is the limit!

Phase 1 NFT Collection

Alien Dreams

10,000 artificial intelligence / human-created NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain will fund 2 Space Balloon Camera projects and Sandbox land purchase

Phase 2 NFT Collection

Crypto UAPeez

10,000 Generative NFTs based on Cryptopunks on the Ethereum Blockchain will fund 100 Sky360 UAP tracking systems and Sandbox UAPeez game development

Phase 3 NFT Collection

Crypto UAPeez 3D

20,000 Generative 3D Voxel Models for use in the Metaverse will fund UAP Hunting MicroSatellite with two 3D NFT Models in Space

Master Plan


I’m frequently asked, “Do you believe there’s extraterrestrial intelligence?” I give the standard arguments- there are a lot of places out there, the molecules of life are everywhere, I use the word billions, and so on. Then I say it would be astonishing to me if there weren’t extraterrestrial intelligence, but of course there is as yet no compelling evidence for it. Often, I’m asked next, “What do you really think?” I say, “I just told you what I really think.” “Yes, but what’s your gut feeling?” But I try not to think with my gut. If I’m serious about understanding the world, thinking with anything besides my brain, as tempting as that might be, is likely to get me into trouble. Really, it’s okay to reserve judgment until the evidence is in.

― Carl Sagan