Alien Dreams NFTs grant FREE Crypto UAPeez NFTs

Owning an Alien Dreams NFT means verifiable ownership on the Ethereum blockchain and grants future benefits.

Each Alien Dreams NFT has a chance for a FREE CLAIM to the upcoming Crypto UAPeez NFT collection 

  • Super Rare Alien Dreams NFTs grant 2 FREE Crypto UAPeez NFT claims, and 2 FREE Crypto UAPeez 3D NFT claims.
  • Rare Alien Dreams NFTs grant 1 FREE Crypto UAPeez NFT claim, and 1 FREE Crypto UAPeez 3D NFT claim.
  • Common Alien Dreams NFTs grant a 17% chance for 1 FREE Crypto UAPeez NFT claim, which grants 1 FREE Crypto UAPeez 3D NFT claim.

Ultra Rares

42 Disclosure

Super Rares

9 Animated
Human Mechs


300 Animated
Alien Extincts


Alien Dreams

Phase 1 Science

Alien Dreams Funds 2 Space Balloons

The Alien Dreams Collection is phase 1 of our 3-phase plan to use decentralized NFT-blockchain technology to build a strong and vibrant community dedicated to finding the truth about UAPs and the as yet undiscovered nature of the universe. 

Alien Dreams Space Balloons

The science goal is to test Sky360 FLIR cameras and record balloons at different altitudes and angles. Many people claim the UAPs are weather balloons, and we will test the theory by gathering data. We will set up the Sky360 camera system to also take pictures of the top 2 Alien Dreams NFTs while they are in space attached to the space balloons.

  • Two space balloons will climb past 120,000 feet into space — and explode.
  • Balloons will carry as much scientific equipment as applicable (ideally a Sky360 all-sky camera design and optical cameras).
  • Scientific equipment and data will parachute to the ground for recovery and reuse.
  • NFTs will be selected by the wallet owners of the top 2 holding Alien Dreams NFT wallets (not including Lehto Files company holdings).