Deploying DeSci with DIY UAP Detectors

3...2...1.  We have liftoff! UAP Society has launched and is going where no decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) has gone before. Using decentralized finance to fund UAP research without all the red tape...

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by Alaina Loftus, edited by Chris Lehto


3…2…1.  We have liftoff! UAP Society has launched and is going where no decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) has gone before. 

Using decentralized finance to fund UAP research without all the red tape and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) has accelerated the disclosure timeline. 

Decentralized science, or “DeSci,” continues to gather momentum and will change the face of scientific research. You can still get in on the ground floor of the most extensive citizen science-driven data collection effort to study unidentified anomalous phenomena has yet seen! 

So let’s get you up to superluminal speed.

Data Collection

Data collection in the field has historically been passive. As Dr. Hal Puthoff explained in the long-awaited Ultraterrestrial Models, published in the most recent Journal of Cosmology, “Other, more proactive, measures could be taken, ranging from the relatively prosaic (e.g., setting up all-weather, all-sky optical/IR monitoring stations), through the more tech-intensive approaches (e.g., magnetic disturbance and RF GHz detectors, multivariable monitoring suites, exo-archeological investigations), to the arcane (e.g., search for evidence of anomalous manipulation of human genetic structure), and stretching to the esoteric (e.g., remote viewing, telepathic contact).” 

At UAP Society, we foster a spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration and support the development of a variety of modalities for data collection.

The trajectory of our research efforts thus far has and will persist in directly addressing this lack of available observable data, beginning with our partnership with We kicked off the collaboration with the dual scientific balloon launches to space on separate continents this past May. 

Purpose of the Balloon Launch

The purpose of the balloon launch was multifaceted. Most importantly, It launched the UAP Society onto the public stage and inspired many people to participate in the current effort to obtain and share scientific UAP data. 

We support and are in the beginning phases of deploying a network of ground units equipped with a modified large aperture fisheye lens with near-infrared sensors. The onboard AI software is currently in training, but the meteor tracking software is already open source and available. 

The ground units can house new tech and sensors as they evolve with our capabilities. The focus at the moment in this regard is on SDR (software-defined radio) and passive radar. As we deploy Sky360 units and collect anomalous information, we will upload it to cloud storage, accessible to anyone. Transparency is fundamental to our mission, and data is under a Creative Commons License.

UAP Research Tech and the Authorities

Technology has come a long way since some of the oldest UAP sightings on record, such as the Battle of Nuremberg or the Miracle of Fatima. Still, our implementation of tech in the study of UAP has lagged due to controlled stigma in a likely effort to obfuscate ignorance. As the stellar investigative journalist Leslie Kean wrote in UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record, “what is needed above all else is a systematic science of UFOs, on the basis of which we might eventually be able to make informed judgments about them, as opposed to simply reiterating dogmas one way or the other…First, it will need to focus on aggregate patterns rather than individual cases…Second, a science of UFOs will need to focus on finding new reports rather than analyzing old ones. Finally, a science will need to focus on collecting objective, physical evidence rather than subjective, eyewitness accounts. Only the former will convince the authorities that UFOs ‘exist,’ much less that the extraterrestrial hypothesis is worthy of consideration.” 

What UAP Society and its foundational Congress of 42 has already succeeded in doing is circumventing said “authorities” to shed light on the truth, as decentralized funded science is the most direct path to UAP data collection and dissemination.

While Sky360 is the first partner on our mission, the members of UAP Society are from all around the world and from all walks of life. 

These diversities of points of view can highlight the divide between societally groomed biases. What tips the scales in our favor is a shared, humble curiosity. 

Identification by Triangulation

As everyone in the field of ufology knows, triangulation is the gold standard for identification. Multiple perspectives will always produce more quantitative and qualitative results. Paradigm-shifting research studies and discussions are already underway within the UAP Society discord. We encourage submitting project proposals for collaboration and funding toward novel UAP data collection efforts. Becoming an active community member is one way to contribute to ongoing partnerships such as our first with 

Participating in the UAP society is also an opportunity for your voice to impact the ever-evolving UAP conversation. 

The limitlessness of human capability is apparent with the emerging member-developed studies in remote viewing and various communication modalities with potential technologically advanced human or non-human intelligence.

New Paths to a DeSci Future

As Web3 technology continues to evolve, we are forging new paths to a DeSci future. Our vibrant Discord community is where members come together to collaborate, innovate and develop new technologies which support our shared goal. The transition to Web3 is already underway as we begin to roll out our metaverse moonbase. There, members will be able to come together and interact in new ways that are conducive to increased interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation. 

Our prime directive is to propel the world’s transition to a deeper awareness and understanding of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). Join our wealth of experiencers, retired military, scientists, Web3 enthusiasts, and others like you in our universal goal to provide decentralized scientific evidence of UAP. Don’t walk. Run.

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